Migos Share Trailer For “Need It” Music Video With NBA Youngboy

Migos and NBA Youngboy will be releasing their new music video this Thursday.

Migosmania has died down over the past two years. It’s mainly due to the fact that they haven’t released a whole lot of music and whatever loose single they did release, didn’t stick (with the exception of “Pure Water”). However, as they continue to tease the release of their forthcoming project, they’ve also shared a few more potent singles such as “Need It” with NBA Youngboy.

This Thursday, Migos and NBA Youngboy will unveil the official visuals for the single. A trailer for the video was shared on the Migos Instagram page earlier today revealing that it’ll be dropping at noon on Thursday. From the looks of it, the video is set to be packed with fast cars, flashy chains, and a hot tub filled with women. Perhaps this will formally kick off the campaign to Culture III or whatever the Migos plan to name their next studio album.

Quavo seemingly has high hopes for the success of the album. In fact, he placed a $1M wager that Migos will have the best album of 2020 and 2021. Now, it’s a pretty bold claim, especially since we’ve received plenty of great albums so far. Keep your eyes peeled for their new music video.