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$howtime – Pain 21 Freestyle (Video)



Upcoming rapper releases his widely awaited first song!

Freestyle rapping has taken the music industry by a storm since the time they were first introduced to listeners. Freestyle rapping has what no other kind of music has improvisation and spontaneity which is why upcoming freestyle rappers are highly encouraged by hip hop fans and gain popularity in no time.

One of those freestyle rappers who has released his first single independently through the medium of YouTube, like many other self-made artists has hit it big. Showtime, an upcoming and very promising rapper is all set to go high up the list of freestyle rappers with his distinct, meaningful rap, great spontaneous rhythm, and relatable lyrics. The music video features an everyday scenario with the rapper himself being the star of the video. The video although not as glamorous as rap videos usually are, stands out due to the fact that the lyrics and high-quality rap speaks for itself and does not need to hide behind glittery glam to compensate for its shortcoming on quality. 

With only a few days since its release, it has gained the appropriate response from hip-hop fans that a new rapper needs in order to build his or her repertoire. Fans love showtime’s content for its originality, its energy level and the vibe it sets on the listener. Showtime undoubtedly possesses all the qualities required by a rapper to be the future trendsetter, which in fact fans are hinting at too. His versatility, his distinct style and his talentful rapping is definitely something that is going to influence the music industry. And with such a positive response on his first ever song, Showtime is no doubt going to go a long way on the path that his successful debut has paved for him.