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Official Video For DBx2’s New Single “TUNDIT” is out.

On 20.12.2021. DBx2 dropped the music video for his new single “Tundit”, directed by Anthony La Rose.

It is the end of the year, and this song has the best bars so far. It reminds us of old-school hip hop back in the day.

The visuals are old-school, and they perfectly flow with the mad bars, and the rapper kills both beats on the track.

The rapper says he didn’t spit a mediocre verse so far, and he didn’t lie; he is in his own league when it comes to lyrical potential.

In n out the trap, in n out the trap trapping” is probably the best bar, but there are so many good parts about this track that we can’t pinpoint one.

One of the best underground rappers has done it again, and the music video deserves a million views. The track hit 17k views in the first week, which is excellent for underground rappers.

If you want to listen to a cool beat and DBX2 riding it, don’t miss out on this song, it has a high potential of becoming an instant hit.

DBx2 promoted the music video in his IG profile, and many people shared his stories, so he has got the support he needs for this thing to blow up soon.

Check out the music video for “Tundit” above on this page, and drop a comment down below if you rock with the song.

Follow the artist on his IG page if you want to keep up with new music:

Quotable lyrics:

“Looking for me, you can go 

and ask you bitch probably,

stepped in place, the whole 

thing sell off, stepped on his 

face, until my damn shoe fell off.”