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Bushman The New Rapper Buzzing From Toronto

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Nickname: Dr. Bushman / Bush Doctor / Bushman

Name: Not known

Place of birth: Brampton, Canada

Dr.Bushman is a Canadian, Brampton- based rapper who released his debut album in 2020.

The rapper’s first album is called “Burning Bush,” and it has 15 songs on it. He has only two features on the songs “Sex Tape” and “Best friend.”

The album got him the attention he needed, so in 2021 he dropped a music video for the song “Peel Baby,” which has almost 100K views.

But he isn’t done with his first album yet.

A music video for “Matter of Fact,” another well-received track on the album, is scheduled for release on 1.11.2021.

You can check it out on 6ixBuzz’s YouTube channel and support Dr. Bushman.

Early in the game, he started collaborating with some artists, and he sounds very good on the tracks.

Dr. Bushman collaborated a couple of times with MT.Ca$us$, and they sound perfect together. 

They dropped their first song, “Thumbin,” last year, but “Green Light Red Light “is their best collaboration so far.

Recently the rising artist has teased a new song, “Junkie Junkie,” on his IG profile, saying,” love this track no cap.”

You can find the track on Youtube, but it still isn’t officially on Spotify and other platforms.

After Dr.Bushman is done with his first album, we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.

If you want to keep up with Dr. Bushman’s music, follow him on his Instagram profile:

Check out the music video for “Matter Of Fact” below on this page.

Leave a comment down below if you think Dr. Bushman’s music is dope.

 “Burning Bush” Tracklist :

  1. Peel Baby
  2. Move on
  3. Sex Tape
  4. Matter of Fact
  5. Simple
  6. Best friend
  7. Yellow Tape
  8. My kitchen
  9. No regret
  10. Real Love
  11. Take me Away
  12. Mode
  13. Quarantine Money
  14. When I Speak
  15. My All