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WSTRN – Daily Duppy

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British male group WSTRN, Releases afroswing style song on Daily Duppy. 

The East London group WSTRN released a Daily Duppy video. The members consist of two cousins and their childhood friends, Haile (27), Louis Rei(32), and Akelle Charles(31). Their Afro-swing music combines rap, Afrobeats, Dance hall, trap and British hip-hop. Since releasing their first debut single,” In2”, back in 2015, the group has made massive strides with their first single and mixtape. 

Signed to Atlantic record The group has had at least five songs make it onto the UK singles chart and the UK R&B chart. For a brief moment, group member Akelle was missed due to a prison sentence. However, this did not slow down the group’s success. Instead, they improvised, giving fans an alternative way to enjoy the group’s infectious rhythm. With over 400 million worldwide and 1,473,180 Monthly listeners on Spotify, the group is reaching the next levels of success. 

WSTRN Daily Duppy

WSTRN – Daily Duppy

Making a Hit

The group’s latest single Daily Duppy, is presented as a freestyle. All three members deliver a few bars in their distinctive styles. The track holds unique instrumental beats for each member, allowing a more comprehensive age and audience members to enjoy and groove to the selective tracks. The song discusses themes of life adversities,  social media facades, family, and friends.

Akelle is the first to step to the mic with a singing and rap ensemble; the beat is soft, with EDM vocals in the background pushing Akelle’s voice to the front; Next, Louis Rei delivers a hit over an old-school beat. His deep voice is captivating and intrigues listeners to focus more on the lyrics. Haile brings in a dancehall-influenced melody and lyrics. The beat slows down, with certain words dragged out. 

“To be fair, we all kind of got different musical influences. I think that’s what makes us who we are because we are all individuals at heart. Anyway, for me personally, my influence is old-school Rap, like I was saying earlier….the first time I heard Tupac, it was the first time that it clicked in my head, and I told myself I rocked with it..” said Louis Rei.

WSTRN – Daily Duppy music video can be found on Youtube. It offers listeners a modern-day closed caption approach, highlighting the majority of the lyrics in bright colours and animated drawings. The video has a very simplistic approach, with all three members standing in front of a yellow and black background divided through the center. Each group member walks up to the mic in the center, taking a moment to be front and center. 

Currently, the group is on a UK tour, performing in Manchester, Birmingham, and London, with more dates and locations to follow soon. 

Listeners can find WSTRN’s tour dates, latest music and interviews on  Instagram.