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Get To Know Tizzy Stackz From Toronto

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Nickname: Tizzy Stackz

Real name: Unknown

Place of birth: Canada


Tizzy Stackz is a rapper from Canada who grew substantially in the past couple years. Tizzy’s breakthrough hit was definitely “Rainstorm” and he gained many fans during that period of his career.

He loves doing collaborations, so he did “ Pull Up” ft. Trill Spiffy three years ago, and then he released two collaborations with Stenno and Cartier Capo the following year.

“Prada Me” is one of his most famous songs with about 500K views. He dropped two singles after those successful collaborations, “ Money Conversations” and “ Rainstorm.”

Tizzy has always been consistent in releasing music, which is the road to success. Last year he dropped “ Cold Days,” “ Red Light,” and “ Backend,” and they were all melodically very different.

If you are into good bars, you should check out Tizzy’s releases in 2021, starting from “ Cost Me” and “ No More.” Tizzy tries to bring something new every time he has the mic, and we know how hard that is.

Tizzy Stackz is one of the most popular underground artists on IG, with 26K followers on this platform.

We hope Tizzy continues to release good music without big pauses because that is the definition of his career.

Tizzy recently released “Diamond Scars” and “My Life,” and you can check out the music video for the first one above on this page.

If you are rocking with Tizzy’s music, drop a comment down below.