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Orazio Visuals, A Known Videographer In Toronto

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Orazio Visuals has one of the best shots out there, so he should be on your contact list if you want fire visuals. One of the music videos he has directed and edited is Houdini’s and Why G’s “Auntie.” 

The next thing he did were the visuals for Burna’s “At the Pot.” If you want to see his best work, check out “Ball Game.”

The second project he did for Houdini was “Intro,” and he announced that they have more on the way. He shot and edited the video for “Feedback” with Kavin Roberts. The music video is fire and goes amazing with the vibe of the track.

Later on, he did “Backyardigan” for Why G and “Sailor Moon” for Killy. His expertise is unmatched in these two videos, so don’t forget to check them out.

Some other music videos shot and edited by him:

  • “Pisst” by Velow
  • “Talk Tec” by Le Gunnr
  • “ Prada Bae” Signor Carlito

One of the biggest female stars he has worked with is definitely Bhad Badie on her single “Miss Understood.” Tiny Tapes and Orazio were in charge of the magic this time, and they dropped the visuals recently.

The music video for “Sad Story” is one of Orazio’s personal favorites because the song means a lot to him.

He said he had to go cinematic for the GOAT North Side Benji on his track “Money Showers.” Benji and Orazio did an amazing job of making the music video on a very high level.

The latest Orazio project that we are obsessed with is the collaboration between Benji and Houdini. Go check out the music video for “Repeat”; you will know what we mean.

Orazio has an eye for detail, so he is the right guy if you want eye-catching, unique visuals.

If you want to reach out to Orazio visuals, DM him on his IG profile below: