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JBEE – Next Up

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JBEE releases an official video – Next Up?

JBEE releases a fantastic visual and sound for the song Next Up. The premiere of this exciting mix was on February 9, 2022. JBEE did a fantastic mix that delighted the audience. In the past period, this visual has over 7 million views. The video is on the Mixtape Madness official YouTube channel. JBEE has combined two different styles, sounds and rhythms in one visual you will surely enjoy.

JBEE did a great remix. In almost 5 minutes of this visual, there are two completely different sounds with different beats. JBEE made a brutally good mix that you will enjoy and play this visual on repeat. The first part of this re00 ix has the already known emotional melody of Lonley by Billie Elish and Khalid in the background. This catchy tune has been given an energetic, fast-paced sound in the JBEE mashup edition. In the background of this beautiful melody, we can hear elements of drum and bass beat, which gives an entirely new dimension to the melody and this whole concept.

The second part of this perfect mix also has a recognizable catchy melody that is persistently repeated on the piano in the background. This energetic beat in this song is a little weaker than in the first. And here, we can hear a combination of drum and bass elements with a nostalgic melody that gives a unique vibration to this sound.

In this performance, we can notice how JBEE has perfectly blended his style with other styles of music. This skill of combining different emotions into one sound completely enthralled the audience.

This visual received an incredible amount of lovely comments, and the audience can’t wait for a new visual similar to this one.

In this visual, JBEE chose an open space in the evening with a beautiful view of the city. This visual perfectly matches the whole concept that the artist designed.

In addition to such fantastic sound and visual content, JBEE made a great song 4 AM, 7 months ago. The visual and the song delighted the audience, and so far, this project has been seen by over 9 million people.

The last project this talented artist worked on was the song Changed, which he did with rapper Crystal Millz. This song is on GRM Dailly official YouTube channel.

The audience was especially pleased with the news when the rapper announced on his Instagram profile his performance in collaboration with Mixtape Madness for August 20, 2022, where he invited his followers to buy a ticket in time.

Click on the link below to view the JBEE visual Next Up. Write in the comments how you like this remix and the combination of these styles. If you want to hear more of his projects and songs, follow his official YouTube channel and stay up to date with the new projects this rapper has prepared.

Read part of the lyrics below:

I can’t live a normal life no more
This shit got me wishin’ I hid my face
I ain’t been getting no sleep on a regular
Think it’s because of the money I chase