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Squash – Foot

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Squash releases a new visual for song Foot

Squash wowed the crowd and set the internet on fire when he released the video for the song Foot just a few days ago. The video premiere was on July 4, 2022, and in just a few days, this crazy video was watched by almost a million people. The visual is on Squash’s official YouTube channel. This video is full of positive energy and good vibes that you will feel right after the first viewing.

The song “Foot” visual has a high chance of making you want to do a foot dance right away, just like Squash and his partners did in the video. This interesting, crazy video has its trademark: precisely the feet. They shot the visual in a luxurious location. The luxurious house and the pool in the backyard were great inspirations to create this fantastic visual. Squash gathered the team and made a great party together with them. All the people at the party had their minute where they had a foot dance.

We can divide the visual into two parts, the first part is together with Squash and the second is a fantastic mix of videos without sound, while the song’s chords are repeated in the background without singing.

People made hilarious and interesting video content with the song Foot playing in different locations. The production decided to collect the most interesting footage in one place and publish it in this official visual.

The music is in line with the text, and the visuals drive the game. The fast beat and catchy melody make for a great dance floor. With lots of interesting sound effects, the song is even more interesting. We can notice that the chords are mostly repeated.

This Jamaican artist refreshed the music scene and brought a reggae vibe combined with rap hip hop music.

This sound set the internet on fire, so more and more videos with this sound are appearing on TikTok. TikTokers fell in love with this song, so it prompted them to create a challenge that is particularly popular these days.

Squash’s music is widely listened to, which is supported by the fact that more than 230,000 people listen to his songs on Spotify every month.

In addition to this big hit, Squash has recently made several other good songs. He achieved great success with the song Sweepstake Life. The song was released 6 months ago and had more than 9 million views. Equally successful was the song Ambala, which went brutally well with the audience with over 7 million views.

If you haven’t seen this brutal video, click the link below. Please write in the comments how you like this visual and whether you, too, joined this foot army by recording interesting video content.

Read part of the text below:

Mayback bun up from mi touch en toll gate

Fimmi Glock chip up if yuh slip yuh gone skate (slide)

F**k dem b*tch, spit inna har face (tuh)