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Skeng – Day Break

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Skeng drops out a new official video for the song Day Break

Skeng released his new banger a few days ago! The official video premiere for the song Day Break was on August 13, 2022, and in just a few days, it became a massive hit with almost 1.5 million views. This great catchy sound delighted the Skeng audience, who have been writing positive comments on this video for days. The visual is on Skeng’s official YouTube channel. The song Day Break will get you moving and bring you many positive vibes.

With total production, Skeng made a high-quality visual with many exciting contents. Skeng filmed in several locations with his armed crew. Scenes from a house party where you are armed and enjoying alcohol are alternated with scenes on the street where the artist and his crew gather. In this video, we can see a lot of weapons with which Skeng wants to say that he is powerful.

The very catchy sound we can hear in the first bars is followed by a fast rhythm that rules throughout the song. The melody is wholly catchy and quickly enters the listeners’ ears. Skeng threw out rhymes at a breakneck pace, following the beat and rhythm of the whole song. The chords and melody are more straightforward, focusing on the song’s rhythm and text.

Millions of views of Skeng’s music are only growing, and the rapper does not stop delighting his audience. On Spotify, this young artist has almost half a million monthly listeners. His most listened to song on this platform is Woman Shift which has over 7 million streams. The song Protocol has a slightly smaller streak.

In the past few months, the rapper has been more active than ever on his new projects and the music he creates. In a few months, Skeng released almost 15 new songs, and all songs became big hits in a short time. The song that stood out, in particular, is Protocol, which has over 36 million views. For this song, the rapper collaborated with Sparta. In addition to this song, the song Gang Bang also became a big hit, which in 2 months since it was published, has almost 5 million views on his channel.

Great success was also achieved by the songs of Gwenman Spaniard, London. Taliban.

This young rapper has his own private Instagram profile where he posts photos and other content from his private life. In addition to this profile, you can see a lot of news related to his music on his business profile, where he regularly informs his followers about new projects and songs. His business profile has a much larger number of enquirers; thus, the number has approached almost 250,000.

If you want to follow this artist’s current events and new projects, then follow his Instagram profile.

On the page, you have a link to the song I visual. When you watch the new visual, please tell us how you like the new song in the comments. If you want to hear more of the rapper’s music and new projects that have come out in the last few months, you can find them on his official YouTube channel, which has over 646 thousand subscribers.