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Sharing A Part of Your World: How Sharing Your Music Taste on Instagram Helps Artists

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In the age of the internet it is a commonly understood fact that social media goes a long way when it comes to helping artists or businesses create their public image. Watch enough Instagram reels of artists showing you their artistic works or businesses showing you their product, and that fact is pretty clear. Instagram even has tools on it sure specifically dedicated towards product promotion.

Because of Instagram’s promotional capabilities, many famous singers have Instagram accounts that they use to promote

Singers on Instagram

On these accounts singers usually post things like; teaser clips for new songs coming out, info about tour dates, etc. These accounts, which also have occasional posts providing a glimpse into the celebrity’s personal life, are a way for celebrities to promote themselves and their art.

In an age where the public values relatability and honesty in public figures these accounts are also a way for them to show transparency. 

Instagram in general, like many social media apps is an interactive app meant to allow people to share experiences or facts about themselves if they so wish.

Instagram Music Challenges

Occasionally an activity goes around via social media or word of mouth. People who see or hear about these activities may choose to participate in. These are what are known as challenges. They can be themed around any activity or subject.

There are quite a few music themed social media challenges that happen on Instagram. For example,the 30 Day Music Challenge. To complete this challenge a participant shares a song they like to their Instagram story. Each song should fit a certain prompt. The participant is given one prompt per day for 30 or 31 days.

Or challenges that can be made featuring Instagram’s ‘Add Yous’ sticker. With the ‘Add Yours’ sticker, participants can either join in on a prompt that’s been answered by someone else and submit their own answer, or they can create their own ‘Add Yours’ sticker challenge.

In the case of music themed ‘Add Yours’ challenges there have been some where viewers of the challenge are encouraged to share their Spotify On Repeat playlist,  their Receiptify list, JudgeMySpotify, Spotify Pie, Favourite Music Guru, etc. In that way, music can be shared and listened to by many people at the same time.Many of the sites these challenges are done through also allow Apple Music users to participate in these challenges as well.

Music on Instagram

A picture of a Spotify Pie, Amatur Rahman Salam-Alada, May 6 2023

Music on Reels and Instagram Stories

Then there are Instagram reels. Instagram reels, like Tiktoks are short videos of any subject. Similar to Tiktoks, music can be featured in the background of these videos.

Music can also be shared on a person’s Instagram Story, which is a part of Instagram where people can post pictures and videos visible to other people for 24 hours. Instagram stories are also where anyone participating in any of the music themed challenges posts their challenge answer songs.

How it all Helps Artists

Music streamed on Instagram is also subject to artist royalties which are amounts of money artists get everytime their song is played. So in a way, every song streamed on Instagram helps artists financially support themselves while promoting their songs.

The Psychology Behind Sharing Music on Instagram

When it comes to music and Instagram, one main factor in what music gets shared on the app is identity.

You’ve probably seen those yearly Spotify Wrapped or Apple Music Replay snapshots on almost everyone’s Instagram stories. The ones where you get to see who you or someone else’s top artist or song was .

According to an article in the Harper’s Bazaar Australia, sharing our music taste with other people can give a person an assured sense of self. It can also provide a deeper glimpse into a person’s personality. Doing so can even, to some extent influence our choices when choosing the company we keep.