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Pengz, Toronto Rapper, Age, Real Name, Height & Biography

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Nickname: Pengz

Name: N/A

Place of Birth: Toronto, Canada


Pengz is a rapper from Toronto, Canada, who has started making waves with his collaboration “Grizelda Blanco” with TwoTwo, which they dropped four years ago.

After this, the rapper laid low for a while and then made a big comeback with another TwoTwo collaboration, “Gangsta“. After the success of “Gangsta”, 3M French joined both of them for a new collaboration “Lizzie Mcguire“.

Pengz already developed a unique and recognizable flow, and he soon released “Alejandro Sosa” and “Eastern Conference“. After a huge success with these two hits, Pengz made a smooth move and dropped another surprise for his fans, “Iglo”. One of his best music videos and a top-notch track overall. 

Pengz started releasing bits of his EP; he first dropped “Free Chaotic“. The track is off his new EP, “Can’t make this shit up”. The EP has 7 tracks on it, and they are finally being released. You can hear them on Pengz’s YouTube channel.

Pengz’s bars are all about his lifestyle and hood, and that is why he is one of the OG’s of Toronto. 

Pengz has gathered his fandom, who is in love with his consistency, dope bars, and amazing visuals. He eats up every verse, whether a single or collaboration, and deserves way more recognition.

If you want to show some love to this Toronto rapper, follow him on his IG profile, and check out his new album “Can’t make this shit up”. As for “Can’t make this shit up”, we have nothing but words of praise. His most recognizable tracks, “Alejandro Sosa” and “Iglo” are on there, but we still get to enjoy some new vibes like “Victoria Park” and “New Jack City”.

If you have a favourite Pengz song, drop a comment down below, and tell us what you think of his new album.