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DJ Charlie B From Toronto Is Known For His Involvement In Music

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Nickname: Charlie B, Brown

Name: Ajay Saxena

Place of birth: Toronto, Canada


Dj Charlie B is amongst the most popular Toronto DJs and producers. He grew up in harsh circumstances, but he says it was more honest back then.

He got into djing early, and he understood that he needed to build an image. He thinks that was the mindset that got him ahead of his generation. He said people didn’t like Toronto music, and he found a way to make the audience give it a try.

He started to reach out to Toronto artists because he wanted to share their music. Charlie B went to the studios and mixed music for many underground rappers.

After that, he went to see great DJs worldwide and got the tips and tricks he needed to get his career to the next level. He worked with well-known faces and is famous because of his versatility and mad energy.

Over the past years, Charlie B  has collaborated with superstars such as Cardi B, Whiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, and Dj Khaled.

He said he got his nickname really random, but Charlie B loved it when he heard it for the first time.

We hope to get some new songs from Charlie B and even doper collaborations in 2022. He is the definition of hard work and talent, and he is still running the game after all these years.

Fun fact: Dj CharlieB’s first job was at McDonald’s.

His songs are Water Whip, 30,000 ft, and Grey Goose Diet.

Check out one of the best Charlie B interviews on Voice of the Staircase that we got to watch live below on this page. You will find more about his thoughts on rappers in Toronto and the obstacles in his journey to success.