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OTRJae, A Videographer From Toronto

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Videographer Spotlight: OTRJae

Nickname: OTRJae

Name: N/A

Place of birth: Ontario, Canada


We here at Croxxings would like to shed light on some of the talented individuals out there working in the creative industries surrounding music. The cogs of hip-hop do not turn on the records alone (though of course they’re essential!), so today we would like to look at another side of the scene. Videographer OTRJae is in our spotlight today, let’s take a look at who they are and how they came into the world of visual art.

Born in Missasauga, OTRJae grew up in a Jamaican household. Music and culture was a part of his day to day life from early on, with his parents being incredibly supportive and pushing him to be great. First exposed to music at the age of 6, OTRJae listened to the likes of 50 Cent and Young Jeezy. This early influence of hip-hop proved to be the driving force in his life, being captured by the classic sounds that we’ve all come to love. 

At the age of 15 OTRJae began to shoot his first music videos, inspired by his heroes including Cole Bennete, Jerry Productions, DotComNirvan, and Lone Wolf. These self-made entrepreneurial artists led OTR into the career he lives today as a cinematographer. In his own words “my biggest success [is] making a living doing what I love, which is videography”


Bold Choices and Prolific Work

Tapping into his portfolio you can see the work that’s being put into this dream. Dozens of music videos are under this artist’s belt, all displaying brilliant camerawork and exceptional editing. The RJBetz “Ain’t Trippin’” music video is a great place to see OTR’s signature style. Crystal clear images of palm trees, Nikes, and expensive cars are contrasted with a more lo-fi aesthetic. Switching occasionally to a 4:3 aspect ratio with artifacts you would see on a film camera or CRT television, these moments add a unique texture to the piece and help it stand out from a normal rap video. Even footage shot from a phone is nestled effortlessly between the hi-fi scenes, making the whole thing a real kaleidoscope of videography. A true testament to his talents.

Another great video would be for the Park Hill track “Digital Currency”. In this one, OTR showcases his editing skills with a plethora of visual effects scattered throughout. The image bends and warps with each slam of the 808, with virtual coins floating around the rapper motion tracked as though they are actually in the space. Seemingly simple scenes in a mall or on a street breath with life through OTR’s direction, the project overall a high water mark for what a music video can be.

OTRJae can be gotten in touch with on his instagram, or directly on his website. With the skillset and experience to bring a musician’s vision to life, he is working everyday to push the boundaries of videography and create truly memorable pieces.