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Skeng – Vibes

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Skeng drops out a new banger called Vibes!

Skeng released his new visual for the song Vibes a month ago. The premiere of this official video was on July 8, 2022. In less than a month of listening to this song, Skeng can boast that the song already has over 2 million views. The video is on Skeng’s official YouTube channel. By the name of the song, you can assume that this is a song full of positive vibes.

As always, Skeng has rich video content for his songs, which is a listen for the song Vibes. To convey the song’s energy, the rapper made this visual in a completely relaxed environment with the people surrounding him. Watching the video for the song Vibes, you will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere from a summer party where Skeng relaxes in the company of many attractive women with his team. This party is full of positive vibes and good energy.

The excellent music and fast, catchy rhythm that perfectly fits the visual will excite you the most and start positive vibes. In addition to music and light, fast chords, you will enjoy listening to Skeng’s distinctive voice and his fast rhymes.

Judging by the audience, this song will be a big hit this summer. Skeng used his audience with good energy, so mostly his fans commented that Skeng never disappoints his audience.

The song is viral on other platforms as well. With this crazy sound, TikTok already has several million views with amazing video content.

In the last few months, Skeng has been working a lot on his music, and we can notice that he has released many new songs. In a short time, all his songs became big hits and were listened to a lot, which is shown by the number of millions of views. The song Life Changes, which he released a few months ago, has over 11 million views. The artist succeeded wildly with the songs London, Gang Bang, and Rain Like Hail.

In addition to single songs, Skeng also has great songs in collaboration with other artists. A song the rapper did with Yeng called Heaven Passport. The visual for this song wowed the audience, and this song has over 14 million views. Skeng recently had a great collaboration with Sparta for the song Protocol. Over 34 million people have viewed this brutal song.

Click on the link and watch the visual for the song Vibes. Write in the comments how you like the song and what is your favourite Skeng song. If you want to hear more new projects from this great artist, subscribe to his official YouTube channel and stay up to date with all the news and new projects the rapper is preparing.

In the header, read part of the lyrics of the song:

Bad gyal and mi naah talk Riri

All Riri yea mi waah buck she

Bad b*tch all ova di worl G (worl G)

Yow Coop tell di gyal dem ypree (ypree)

Suh mi step inna di place dawg well clean (well clean)