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Borleone Films, A Videographer From New York

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Borleone Films

Videographer Spotlight: Borleone Films

A key moment in every artist’s career comes when they have to transition from a purely audio medium to putting their image out to the world. The days of simply putting a record out with no video content are long gone even for the smallest artist, so this sort of content has become essential in the music world. The role of the videographer is to translate the artist’s vision, presence, and charisma into something that can be felt through a camera. Today, we take a look at an individual who is an absolute pro at doing just that: Borleone Films

Borleone spent the first ten years of his life in his home country of Antigua, but his family later made the move to Manhattan. He and his mom built a life in New York, his love for her being one of Broleone’s biggest motivations that pushed him to the successes he sees today. Early exposure to hip-hop was through none other than 50 Cent, who was constantly on the radio and topping the charts as he was growing up.

At first, recording video was just a project that Borleone did for fun. Attending college for mass communications, his friends expressed interest in wanting to rap on camera. Having no experience in this kind of thing was not enough to stop him from attempting to create a music video. “It was terrible!” Borleone says on the final product, shot and edited entirely by him with the skills picked up on the fly. “But we all loved it and [the reactions] gave me a sense of purpose”. The admiration of his peers, coupled with the feelings of accomplishment was what took him into being the field he is in today. Motivated by his hood, his day ones, and his family, Barleone continues to strive to create amazing content and is one of the best out there at it.

Borleone Films

The Brispy Ooter

Currently, along with his freelance work, he is a videographer for Hot97. If you’ve seen the freestyles by DaBaby, Young Devyn, Lil Baby and more, know that it was “Borleon who shot this shit”. He credits Hot97 with being his biggest success to date, with the team putting him in rooms he never expected to be in and being accepted for who he is by everyone in them. Going from little to no knowledge about cameras, the entire Hot97 team gave him the tips and tricks he needed to get by and evolve into a videography powerhouse.

Now out there shooting videos for the likes of Bando, Lee Drilly, T Dot, and many more, Borleone is making waves in the scene. His style exudes an energy and excitement that can take a powerful performer and elevate them to a higher plane. If you’re interested in the work he’s done, check out Borleone on Instagram and keep in tune with his latest work. This videographer does videos because it is who he is, earning respect for standing firm in the identity and always taking what he shoots to where it needs to go.