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Born Trappy – California Breeze

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Born Trappy Hits Us with New Single “California Breeze”

West London rapper Born Trappy has just come out with his latest track “California Breeze”. His quintessential melodic rap style is on full display with this tune, flowing with amazing texture over the icey cold beat. Another stellar song from the English artist, with endless bars and top notch delivery.

Growing up in a Somolian family, Born Trappy’s first love before rap was soccer. His parents and sister were both supportive and pious people, but when Trappy went off to college he started to explore a different kind of lifestyle. In highschool, he used to spit internet-copped verses during battle raps, but once Trappy moved on to higher education he began to explore being a rapper in earnest. Beginning to drop tracks in 2019 with sick songs such as “On The Corner”, “Charge”, and “No Heart”, Trappy quickly began amassing a fanbase in the London scene. His unique approach to lyrics and songwriting setting him apart from other hip-hop artists.

As of 2022, Born Trappy’s popularity is really starting to take off. Boasting over 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, he’s achieved many tracks that have cracked millions of streams. “All Hours” currently sits at 1.7 million streams, “Expensive Pain” 3.5 million, and “30 Days” just under 1 million. “California Breeze” is already picking up steam off the YouTube video, so be sure to check it out.

Born Trappy California Breeze

Born Trappy – California Breeze

Under Pressure, Never Folding

Soft guitars are played on the left side of the beat, with a pitched down and warm male vocal making up the rest of the sample. Choppy snares and hi-hat hits colour the rest of the instrumental, which Born Trappy completely annihilates. “It can get real at any moment”, he spits about the struggles of living close to the trap lifestyle, “Traphouse full of fiends/barely used to sleep”. His lyrics are filled with a melancholic feeling, with pain in his voice as he spits about what he’s seen. While there are empowering moments throughout the song, it ultimately is a somber listen. An incredibly strong performance.

JXYDXN comes through with the direction on this music video. Trappy raps under a bridge near a diagonally parked red car. Streetlights illuminate the artist as he performs his track with cool style and feeling. He’s also seen smoking a joint in a modest home, with his crew sitting around the room he is still seen often alone in the frame. The mood overall is a good pairing to the track, mixing the undeniably dope esthetic with a more subdued vibe. Ultimately, it is an entertaining watch and calls to be replayed as soon as it’s over.

Born Trappy can be caught up with on Instagram, where he posts about his latest songs and music videos quite frequently. With so many singles under his belt already, you can tell that this is one that’s going to go far in the scene. “California Breeze” is out on all platforms right now, take a listen to this ambitious young artist.