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GBOY RO – Ready To Rumble

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On 30.12.2021. G Boy Ro dropped the music video for “ Ready to Rumble” on his YouTube channel.

The dope beat just makes us want to dance, and G Boy takes us back to “Calabria” by sampling it.

However, he added a whole new vibe to the famous track and made it his own. The 90K people who watched the video justify that he is getting better and better with every drop.

The flow and the lyrics are very much in his own style, and we love his swag. The realest bar on the track is: “If you ain’t gang, you cannot come around”.

This song is a banger, and if you want to play something new, don’t miss out on “ Ready to Rumble”; it won’t disappoint.

G Boy is famous for his songs “Free YTN” and “Lava”, but he is starting to take his craft to another level. His fans noticed that he has stepped up his game when it comes to lyrics and visuals, and we are here for it.

G Boy has hopped on the trend of remixing tracks that are not hip-hop, and he is on a roll. By remixing one of the most popular songs back in the day, he has certainly drawn some attention towards him and his music.

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Quotable lyrics:

“If you piss me off

I will run you down, Imma 

run you down, on the plane

ground hit ‘em, boy, up,

I ain’t stopping, squeezing”