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Bigga Zee – Wop World

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Bigga Zee – Wop World

On 3. 12. 2021. a new video from Bigga Zee came out. 

You can watch the “Wop World” video on Zz Boyy YouTube channel.

Bigga Zee is a rapper from Toronto.

He released some tracks in the past, being active since 2018, but then came a break during which he was quiet.

However, we believe he wasn’t lazy during that time since he started releasing some quality material after the return.

His last video before the break was released in June 2019, and he was discreetly cooking new stuff.

In March 2020, he released the EP “Lone Wolf,” and in November 2021, he released a video for the song “Save me.”

The new video for the song “Wop World” is the second video after his return to the scene, and he is once more showing that we maybe underestimated his abilities.

Regardless of what he’s been thorough, judging from the lyrics, Bigga Zee is coming with fresh enthusiasm and confidence.

He keeps the smile on his face and shows that despite the troubles, he “came out better than ever.”

“Wop World” video was shot by The Way Out.ent and Wesson Productions, edited by 2 TAB Visuals, and directed by Bigga Zee.

The video show abundance of the rapper’s life, with nice cars, women, and friends dominating the streets.

Bigga Zee’s voice is straightforward, flowing with a strong cadence over the drums, lively piano melody, and children’s voices samples.

If you are eager to see the video, check it out above.

After that, you can scroll down and let us know what you think about it in the comments.

If you want more of Bigga Zee, follow his Instagram page: @bigga_zee

Quotable lyrics:

“In the cold cell got me thinking about my life

Can get no bell,

these crackers ain’t treating me right

But I won’t fail.”