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Allmightee – Mary Mary

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For the end of 2021, AllMightee surprised us with a new single, “Mary Mary ”, which dropped on Spotify and Apple Music.

If you have never heard of Tee, you will get hooked on her voice as soon as you play the song.

She has a gritty and melodic style, and “Mary Mary” shows more of her impressive wordplay. One of the best bars on the track is: “I told my friend that I am in love; she looked at me and told me to stop doing drugs.”

“Mary Mary” has solid bars, a nice flow, and the rapper leads us effortlessly through the track. If you are looking for a cool beat and some dope bars, don’t skip this one.

Allmightee has something different, and we love her energy on every track, but “Mary Mary ” reflects the raw potential and hard work.

Who is Allmightee?

Tee is a 29-year-old recording artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

She has been writing music and rapping since 15, but she knew it was her calling when her friend noticed that she had a knack for the craft. 

Even though she does not have a lot of songs out, she has a good ability to switch things up while delivering fresh bars. 

Tee is currently a rising star who will not only make you listen twice but also want more!

So far, Tee released “Crunch Time”, “Still Feel Me”, “Me All By Myself”, “Pressure”, and “Mary Mary” on Spotify, but we can expect something new in 2022.

Check out the song above on this page, and tell us what you think of “Mary Mary”.

Quotable lyrics:

“Man, this shit is new,

they start to call you za za

man, I tell these niggaz bye bye

laughing at these suckers like 

fucking haha, man, I am on.”