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GMK – From Rags 2 Riches

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GMK drop out a new video for the song From Rags 2 Riches

Just 2 weeks ago, GMK set the Internet on fire when they released their new visual. He did the video for the song From Rags 2 Riches on his official YouTube channel. In a short time, the video achieved great success and has an incredible 314 thousand views and over 11 thousand likes.

The visual is a high-quality production, sound design, and top art. Lezza Ahsley and Angle Queen directed the video. This visual is a representation of the rapper’s attitude towards his performance. In the first part of the visual, GMK is relaxing with his team in a luxurious space, resting, having dinner, and preparing for the performance. The second part of the visual is reserved for fantastic scenes from GMK’s concert, where we can see a large number of people who came to this performance. Here we can notice the great energy and good vibe that GMK transmits to its audience during the concert.

With this visual, the rapper showed what his life looks like now and its path. He perfectly combined the visual with his life text and portrayed his current life to the audience.

The music and the melody are very easy to remember, and the rhythm and beat pull you to the movement. You will be singing the chorus after the first listen to the song. GMK’s voice blends well with the melody and his freestyle rapping.

GMK never stops surprising the audience with its new projects. In the past period, he published several banners. The song Born To Be Free has over 640 thousand views in a month since it was released. The visual for the song New 50′ follows the success and has a score of over half a million views in 2 months. The collaboration with Jdot Breezy for the song Tupahk, released 6 months ago and has over 770,000 views, stood out in particular. It’s been a successful period behind GMK, and we expect this song from Rags 2 Riches to be just as big a success.

The song From Rags 2 Riches is slowly gaining popularity on the TikTok platform, so more and more videos created with this tune appear these days.

On his Instagram profile, the rapper is approaching the figure of 180 thousand followers with whom he regularly shares good content. When the song was released, GMK posted a promotional video, left a link in BIO, and invited his followers to watch the video and comment on the song. In addition to the brutally good projects on his profile, we can see fantastic photos from his private life, etc.

Below we leave you a link where you can watch this banger. Write how you like the new song GMK From Rags 2 Riches in the comments. You can follow his new projects by subscribing to his official YouTube channel.

Read part of the lyrics below:

Im a none of them ain’t bigger than pink none of you

Ain’t bigger than me you smile when I drop my skin

How many you know won’t touch the honey

Go back to the project I be