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Big Boss Blossom, An Artist from Buffalo

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Big Boss Blossom

Name: Big Boss Blossom

Real Name: Unknown

Place of Birth: Buffalo, New York

Instagram: @bigbossblossom

Big Boss Blossom, An Artist from Buffalo

The journey of a music lover to a professional musician is different for every artist. Early success can send the performer’s style in one direction. Whereas years of grind and effort can take things an entirely different way. In the ever-changing hip-hop world, a rapper has to be able to go with the flow and deliver incredible music. One such performer is Big Boss Blossom, a powerful MC originally from Buffalo but living in Atlanta is the artist in our spotlight today.

Big Boss Blossom was born and raised originally in Buffalo. A close knit group, her family kept a small circle and simple lifestyle. The radio was always playing music though, filling her house from sun up to sun down. This ever-presence of music throughout her life was part of what inspired her artistry later down the road.  Altogether it was the quiet childhood for Blossom which made her hungry for more. 

In 2018, Blossom made the decision to follow her dreams of success and get out of Buffalo. Moving to Atlanta, she began her career as a photographer and model. Firstly finding her talent for creativity there, it was around 2021 that she decided to flip things and create her own original music. Taking King Von’s “Crazy Story”, she remixed the song and made it her own. Throughout the process, she found a love for songcraft that would push her into seriously pursuing a career as a rapper.

Passionate and Professional

Inspired by the likes of Lil Wayne, Nikki Manaj, and Drake, Blossom made a name for herself putting a female spin on popular rap songs. Most recently, Pharrell’s “Cash In Cash Out” has been graced by the presence of Blossom. Her versatility with flows makes her the ideal remix artist, able to hop easily onto the established tracks and make them her own.

But Blossom has always been creating original songs on top of the remixes. Her latest single “Like That in Real Life” emphasizes her flow and vocals supremely, her bars coming across as lighthearted but it’s plain to see how serious Blossom is about rap. “Bossed Up” is another classic track from the artist, made earlier in her career. What’s striking about both tracks is how effortless it seems to Blossom, her pocket deep in the groove of the songs.

While it hasn’t been smooth, keeping herself goal-driven and removing the doubters has kept Blossom performing at her peak. She describes her biggest success in rap so far as “being known in Atlanta for rap, not just [being] a pretty girl”. Blossom’s determination is what is driving her to shine through the scene.

Big Boss Blossom is on Instagram, where her talents as a rapper, photographer, and model are on full display. Tap in with this artist on the ground floor, she is sure to shoot to the top of the scene.