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DVBLM Hits us with “ARSON”

Toronto artist DVBLM has arrived with their new track “ARSON”. A true banger of a track coming from the FemC, filled with electric lines and undeniable swagger. Besides the complete charisma held by DVBLM, her bars are filled with quotables and hilarious punchlines. Certainly another great track from the up-and-coming rapper, tap in with “ARSON” for the high-energy vibes.

DVBLM is a fairly new artist on the scene, first beginning to drop records in 2021. Her first single “TAXIN’” immediately establishes her fantastic flows and cheeky bars. Filled with pop culture references like “Wanna play games like Saw”, and “I’m 5’5 and I bite, bitch get chew up like Jaws”. Followed up with “90’s Baby” that same year, this one has a feature by the artist Tre Mission who compliments her style perfectly. Comparatively more somber than “TAXIN’”, releasing this track next shows the breadth of DVBLM’s versatility.

2022 has been a year for DVBLM to eat, releasing four different singles. “Detroit Flow Freestyle” opened the year up with her usual unique bars like “I do not give one fuck, not a teeny dot”. Likewise, “The People’s Champ” has similar energy and showcases the rapper taking on faster flows. “I can sell sex in snow pants” is definitely a highlight bar of the track. “Who’s Next” gives us a Spanish guitar sample, and also showcases DVBLM’s first sung hook (which she does effortlessly). “ARSON” is a great addition to the artists collection, and one you should definitely check out.


Get the Bread and Bring it to my House

Kaddy hits us with the production on this track, taking pitched string samples and creating a stellar hip-hop texture. DVBLM immediately starts hitting us with her undeniable bars. “Get the bread and bring it to my house: Instacart” is just one of her hilarious bars, but she isn’t afraid to show her talents at rhymecraft. “Call him J.A.G. cuz he’s just another guy” hits with a cold air of her independence and power. Altogether the track has an unstoppable energy, containing all bars and no hook.

Orazio shot the video for this tune, shot entirely in the studio but feels much bigger due to both the direction and performance by DVBLM. The spot is lit with pink neon lights, as DVBLM spits in a microphone covered with flames using special effects. But midway through the video, the paper she spits from catches actual fire! The flames on the page of course match the fire DVBLM spits, letting the burn consume almost the entire note by the end of the video. Simple in concept, but of course spectacular in its execution.

DVBLM is on Instagram, promoting this single and keeping the world locked into her lifestyle. “ARSON” is out now on all platforms, so check out this record and hear this rapper spit super hot fire.