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WeWantWraiths, UK Rapper, Age, Real Name & Bio

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Stage name: WeWantWraiths 

Birth name: Monhamed Dahir 

Age: 27 years old 

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Place of Birth: Leicester, East Midlands

 Instagram: Wewantwraiths

Introducing Wewantwraiths, an emerging artist hailing from Leicester, East Midlands. Recognized primarily for his famous track “Know You,” this rising star embraces the stage name “We Want Wraiths,” a nod to the prestigious Rolls Royce Wraith coupé.

Within the captivating realm of trap wave music, Wewantwraiths defies easy classification, drawing listeners in with his enthralling vocal melodies, distinct timbre, and thought-provoking lyrics that delve into themes of emotional turmoil, urban lifestyle, and the pursuit of a brighter future beyond the confines of his neighborhood.

One notable aspect of Wewantwraiths is his composed demeanor and reflective thoughts, which he candidly shares with his audience. Presenting himself as a man dedicated to serving his community, he remains true to the core reasons behind his musical journey while consistently earning acclaim from his dedicated fans. In an enlightening interview with New Wave Magazine, he shed light on his religious background, expressing his deep commitment to his faith and his genuine care for those around him. He further stated that he chooses not to reveal his face, believing that one’s appreciation for his music should be independent of his physical appearance. Being famous is not his primary aim; instead, he desires to create music that brings joy and possibly generates income or wealth. Ultimately, his priority is making music that uplifts and delights his listeners.

Wewantwraiths made a splash in the music scene with the release of his debut singles, “Unforgettable” and “Chanaynay,” in September 2020. Both tracks garnered over a million views, propelling him into the spotlight. Additionally, his participation in Kenny Allstar’s Mixtape Madness series, “Mad About Bars,” caught the attention of a wider audience. Then, in March 2021, his single “Know You” offered a taste of chart success, securing the 56th spot on the UK Singles Charts. With these milestones, Wewantwraiths continues to make his mark and solidify his presence in the music industry.


Unveiling the Man Behind the Mask: Wewantwraiths’ Authenticity and Commitment to ServingHiss Community

In conclusion, Wewantwraiths is an exciting up-and-coming artist making waves in the music scene. His unique blend of trap wave music captivates audiences with compelling vocal melodies, evocative lyrics, and a distinct sound that defies categorization. As an artist, Wewantwraiths remains true to his origins, drawing inspiration from his experiences with emotional turmoil, street life, and the pursuit of a better future.

Notably, Wewantwraiths maintains a calm and collected character, focusing on the music rather than seeking fame. His decision to remain anonymous, without revealing his face, adds an air of mystery and allows his music to resonate solely with listeners who appreciate his artistry. His authentic approach and dedication to his community make him a relatable and admirable figure in the industry.

With impactful debut singles and a notable appearance on a popular Mixtape Madness series, Wewantwraiths has caught the attention of both fans and industry professionals alike. His chart success with “Know You” further solidifies his position as a rising star. As he continues his musical journey, Wewantwraiths aims to create music that brings joy and generates income and wealth while remaining grounded in his desire to make people happy through his art.

With his individuality, talent, and dedication to his craft, Wewantwraiths is poised to make a lasting impact in the music industry, leaving a mark that goes beyond his unique stage name and embodies the essence of his artistry.