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C Blu – A Christmas Carol ft. 26AR

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On 24.12.2021. C Blue dropped a music video for his track “ A Christmas Carol” ft. 26 AR.

The music video has reached 230K views, and people love the duo. Both of their verses are amazing, and they flow well into each other. One of the best drill beats we heard in 2021, for sure.

The sample is crazy, and C Blue levelled up with his lyrics. One of the best punchlines is “ 24 shots like Christmas Eve”.  

This is a collaboration we did not know we needed; while C Blue surprises us with nasty lyrics,  but 26AR comes in strong with his flow.

AR leaves us speechless; after his verse, we are just thinking, “ these two New Yorkers are running the rap world.” Of course, we are always excited to hear some new shit, but these two left no crumbs. 

This song has everything, from the different flows to the amazing beat and lyrics, and you should definitely hear it today. Just the idea of doing a Christmas carol as a drill beat brings a new wave of hope for the next generation of rappers.

We hope this duo does not stop just with “A Christmas Carol” because the views tell them they should do another banger in 2022.

Check out the music video for “A Christmas Carol” above on this page, and drop a comment down below if you like the song.

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Quotable lyrics:

“І lіkе орр b**сhеѕ саuѕе thеу nеаkу

Саll thеm uр whеn іtѕ tіmе tо gеt frеаkу

Тоld mе lау bасk, ѕhе gоn’ еаt mе

Оnсе І f**k thеn І’m tеllіn’ hеr lеаvе

Yоu а thоt, nо, уоu саn’t lіvе wіth mе

F**k hеr оnсе thеn І раѕѕ tо thе tеаm”