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Future – WAIT FOR U ft. Drake, Tems

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The new music video by Future “WAIT FOR U” ft. Drake & Tems is here!

New music video by Future called WAIT FOR U ft. Drake & Tems has arrived! Watch Future and Drake throw themselves into a new visual.

This song became a real hit on the Internet in a very short time. The song was released a month ago and had over 25 million views on Future’s YouTube Channel.

The song was a great success not only on YouTube but also on numerous other platforms.

Future’s music video for the song “Wait For U,” with Drake and Tems, debuted at the top of the Hot 100 songs list. In the first 7 days, “Wait For U” was streamed 40.2 million times, with 7.9 million impressions of the audience on the radio and 6,400 downloads sold. 

Fans and the audience reacted great to the song and the video and recognized that emotion.

This amazing song is on Future’s album called I Never Liked You. This album is a great collaboration with other artists such as Kanye West, Drake, Young Thug, Gunna, Kodak Black, Est Gee, and many others. These collaborations greatly delighted the fans.

The video for Wait For U is a real movie love story, which the artists showed through the action of the video.

The music is relaxing and light, ideal if you want to relax. The song’s lyrics are harmonized with the music, and the voices of these artists are decisively mixed. The melody is so smooth and easy; at first listening, it stays in your head. Drake’s pleasant and relaxing voice gives a special charm to this song.

The audience can be seen that a lot of money was invested in recording the video. That makes this video stands out in terms of quality.

The video for the song Wait For U brought a completely different dimension. That is why it brings such great success. Watching this video, you will move to another time and experience this love story completely differently. The action in the video is set in an elaborate time, following the text of the song. Great enthusiasm was caused by these luxury costumes that completely brought that baroque dimension to the video.

The future device is a great collaboration with Drake and Tems, and with this song, he managed to bring something completely different. If you haven’t listened, watch this video it will surely delight you. You will enjoy not only the visuals but also the sound.

Be sure to read part of the text of this love story below:

Travel around the world (would you brag, or would you try to get me?)
Over the phone, dropping tears (tell me now, I know that you be bragging)
I get more vulnerable when I do drugs (tell me now, I need you so bad, yeah)
When you drunk, you tell me exactly how you feel (I will wait for you, for you)