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Kai Bandz – Toxic ft. Slimmy B

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Kai Bandz Releases “Toxic” Featuring Slimmy B 

“Toxic” is the latest music video drop from Fairfield’s Kai Bandz, this time bringing in Slimmy B for a fire second verse. Based around a sample from the classic Britney Spears track, these artists flip the pop song into a total banger of a record. Take a look at this newest single from Kai’s LP “My Life a Movie Vol.3”

First starting to build his brand on SoundCloud, Kai Bandz has been releasing tracks as far back as six years ago. Ever since those early releases on the site, Kai has never gone long between drops of new records and projects. In this year alone, Kai Bandz has released seven stand-alone singles as well as his latest LP “My Life a Movie Vol. 3”, from which this track is pulled. “Toxic” is a fantastic part of this rapper’s collection, with the video push being a welcome addition to the project.

Joining him on the track is Slimmy B. Another Bay Area artist and one part of the rap collective SOB X RBE, Slimmy B adds his own unique timbre and flows to an already aggressive tune. When the two artists come together on this song the result is absolutely electric, an excellent moment on the album, and a banger of a single.

Kai Bandz Toxic

Kai Bandz – Toxic ft. Slimmy B

Get Low When it Gets Serious

The sample for this particular record is a serious stand-out, taking Britney Spears’ 2000’s anthem and slowing it down to a rap tempo. The bottom end is filled out by an overwhelming kick, deep 808s, and bouncy synth bass that come together to create something entirely new. 

Kai hits this track with his classic punchy flows, with great lines like “you ain’t heard about Kai Bands I just get dough” and  “fuck a spoon, told him I need chopsticks”. Slimmy B enters with his unique textured voice, his lines just as funny and aggressive as Kai’s. “Pay me for that dick, I’m a gigolo” is a good example of how outrageous his bars can get. Altogether the track is a serious high point in Kai’s ever-growing catalog.

The video for this one was directed by frequent collaborator Baby Face Visuals. Kai Bandz finds himself rapping the backroom of a home under a cross, as well as among his team in an all white space. He flashes stacks of money at the camera while he delivers his smooth-yet-turned-up performance. 

Slimmy B joins him in this white room, but also performs on a folding chair surrounded by chain link fence and strobe lights. Shots jump between all these locations on almost every bar, but when taken as a single piece the energy is high and it boosts the track up yet another notch.

Kai Bandz is on Instagram promoting upcoming shows as well as all the music that he seems to work on non-stop. Slimmy B also has an IG, frequently posting about his solo projects as well as his collective’s works. The video for “Toxic” is out now, with “My Life a Movie Vol 3” being available everywhere.