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Sizzy – Shake It

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Sizzy Gets Loud with “Shake It”

Chicago’s Sizzy has just unleashed the music video for her latest banger “Shake It”. In her signature hyper-aggressive style, Sizzy annihilates another beat with her charisma and unstoppable bars. Rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with, check out this newest track from a powerful artist.

Sizzy’s been pulling out all the stops over the past few years, beginning to place her music on streaming services with the 2019 track “Big Trap”. The track quickly establishes Sizzy’s style, utilizing heavy trap 808s with her punk-esque rap delivery. She followed this up with several singles such as “Eats”, “D.a.”, and “Shota” leading up to her first tape “Rawest Bitch Out”. This project includes one of her biggest songs “Aquafina”, sitting at almost 3000 listens on Spotify. Firmly in her element in this release, Sizzy’s hype is contagious on this EP from front to back.

2022 has seen Sizzy upgrade her style once again, going hard with the release of several music videos. “Ass Move” was first up, amassing 55,000 views on YouTube, her persona shining through the camera easily among her intense bars. Followed by “Make it Clap” and “Freak”, Sizzy is clearly making a big push right now and it is to our benefit. “Shake It” is the latest fire from the young artist and it may be her best single to date.

Sizzy Shake It

Sizzy – Shake It

Feeding the Block

With a completely cold reversed sample forming the foundation of this beat, the earth-shaking 808s and spicy percs form the perfect world for Sizzy to spit upon. Her bars are immediately striking in their intensity. “Tryna fix her teeth, I’m like hood hoes with braces” is one of many quotables scattered throughout the track, each line absolutely biting in their delivery. “Now my instagram lit they tryna fuck for clout”, “I be cheating on my man I ain’t never been a pick me”, each line is gobsmacking in their brazeness, but undeniable in their charm. Sizzy has really found a pocket with this kind of delivery and it’s completely effective.

Diamond Visuals put this visual together, a music video filled with twerking, stunting, and all around wiling out. The tone is set from the first shots of Sizzy rapping with a woman dancing on her lap in the backseat of a car. Sizzy seems to be verbally attacking the camera every time she’s in the scene, drawing you in with presence and personality. The simplicity of the concept is probably why it’s so effective; dozens of women throwing it back toward the shot makes for an extremely entertaining project.

Check out Sizzy’s Instagram, where no doubt more music will be dropping first in the future. Her unique take on rap is no doubt only going to build more from here, so tap into this artist now and watch her rise to the top. “Shake It” is out now on all platforms.