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Malie – Operation

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Malie drops out a new visual for a song Operation

On Malie Donn Muzik’s official YouTube, the visual for the song Operation has been released. Malie premiered his new visual on July 3, 2022. In just a few days, the video received over 200,000 views and many comments on the visual. As before, Malie never stops surprising his audience with new quality content.

Visual is one good material that Malie did with Automatic Records, Danski Records, Hemton music. The video is formed as one short film in 2 minutes, with intensity increasing until the end.

Malie presented the song “Operations” visually like a murder movie story. Malie, as the main ​​actor, bursts into the apartment of one character with his crew, and after searching the entire apartment, they show their boss how they killed him on a video call. Video recording on the route Miami – Kingston. This rich content and visuals pushed the boundaries.

With the acoustic guitar’s pleasant sounds in the music’s first bars, the sound appears, and the rhythm becomes more mobile. Malie’s very pleasant and soft voice rhymes well with the beat.

The song is a great mixed reggaeton sound with a strong movement that combines very well with the short rhymes that Malie fires without pause throughout the song.

If you like reggaeton sound, this song is right for your playlist.

People reacted differently to this visual, writing mostly positive comments on his new project.

In Malie’s visual, we can see fantastic scenes and a lot of good visual effects. The rapper follows trends but maintains his style, and in all his songs, we can hear part of the reggaeton sound that brings brutal vibes.

Malie was recently introduced to the public when he released the song Tantrum on his official channel a year ago, which received over 85 million views. In the past year, he released many good songs and worked intensively on his projects.

The song that stands out with the most views is Crook, with a brutally good sound and melody. The song was released at the end of 2021 and had over 4 million views.

In addition to this song, he also achieved great success with the song Bank, which received over 2.5 million views in 2 months. In addition to the single songs, the rapper has also achieved a fantastic collaboration with Starr Doll, with whom he made the song Unfair Games. In addition to working with Starr Doll, we can hear Hellem and Jahshii in his songs.

Malie has over 113 thousand followers on his Instagram profile, and she mostly posts Stories where she informs his followers about new projects and shares his music. If you want to see his interesting content, follow his Instagram profile.

Click the link below. I’m watching this fantastic video for Operation. If you want to hear more of Maile’s music, visit his official YouTube channel and check out all of the projects he has released over the past year.