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BigXThaPlug – Rap Niggas ft. Rosama

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BigXThaPlug in a collab with Rosama drops out a new visual for a new song Rap Niggas!

BigXThaPlug released a new visual for the song Rap Niggas. He worked on the song in collaboration with the talented Rosama. The song was published a month ago, and it has 250 thousand views during this time. The video is on the official MO Visuals channel. The audience enthusiastically commented on the song and sent a lot of support.

The rappers made a visual in collaboration with Mo Visual. The rappers gathered with their crew on top of a building with a beautiful city view and fired off their rhymes. BigXThaPlus collaborated greatly with Rosama, and their energy is similar, so they fit perfectly in this song. A very strong drill and simple melody make this song energetic and catchy.

In this visual, the rappers emphasized their story and song lyrics more than the dynamics of the visual itself. 

The song Rap Niggas is gaining more and more popularity on other platforms. These days on TikTok, you can watch more and more video content created with this hit BigXThaPlug and Rosama.

BigXThaPlug is achieving great success with his songs. The rapper’s songs on the Spotify platform have over 300,000 listeners per month.

The collaboration between these two rappers turned out to be excellent. This is not the first time the artists have collaborated. BigXThaPlug and Rosama recorded two more brutally good songs in the past period. Four months ago, the artists recorded the song I Like, which has over 125,000 views. The song Enemies, published 3 months ago and has over 215,000 views, received the highest viewership. The last song, Rap Niggas, got the most attention from the audience. We are sure that the artists will make more such brutally obtained songs with a strong beat.

BigXThaPlug gained the most popularity with his song Big Stepper which he released last year. Over 800,000 people viewed the song.

BixXThaPlug shared a short promotional video on his Instagram profile and informed followers that a new visual had been released. The rapper also invited the audience to watch the visual and leave a comment. Rap Niggas also received support from other rappers who liked the song.

BigXThaPlug delighted the audience with his performance and shared a short video from the performance where he wrote that this is his real motivation. If you want to see more interesting content published by this creative artist, we suggest you follow his Instagram profile, which has over 53 thousand followers.

We leave the link below to watch the visual for the song Rap Niggas. Write in the comments how you like the song.

Read part of the lyrics below:

I roll with a tank up, they getting a message

How does you crew go, Ask the devil wrecks on me, like I went

And played tennis pop up in the door, Like a Jehovah witness 405 on me, 

Like a bitchig dotting your head