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Gucci Mane – Shit Crazy ft. BIG30

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Shit Crazy by Gucci Mane

Shit Crazy is a song with a mixed-up composition, sung by Gucci Mane, an American songwriter, and rapper. This 2:23 minutes long video song is shared on YouTube with fans that have been viewed almost by 3 million. Gucci is always the talk of the town when it comes to rap music and street-language lyrics. Well, the theme of Shit Crazy is a personal self. 

Gucci mane implicitly presented his sentiments and gave it the shape of rap. The song ‘Shit Crazy’ is glowingly produced with a vibrant background having cars and villas. The subject matter behind the scenes displayed in the rap is the wealthiest lifestyle that was once imagined.

 More About The Gucci & The Video

With the right blend of vernacular and slang words, the song is none other than but a masterpiece, dwelling inside the minds of those who are struggling now. Dancing with a bunch of guys has remained the charm of Gucci mane. 

Being 40 years old and still producing rap music with traps and going hard is the unanticipated art of Gucci. Nevertheless, BIG3 with its stellar performance has added more glamour to the song. Gucci with the lyrics is always on the top as he says “No one gonna takes care of me, as I take care of me”. His words reflect his inner self. 

From the past till now, the music of Gucci mane flourished and flooded with glamourous and symphony. The Shit Crazy does click the minds, make the ears flap, pull the young guns to the dance floor, make people think, let the sad ones enjoy, and get the haters’ attention with its beats and incomparable direction. Besides that, Gucci has been in bad words for decades for his bad use of slangs but that hasn’t made him inferior. The fans’ expected music is always put forth and they are made thrilled.