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Pvrx, Toronto Rapper, Age, Real Name, Height & Bio

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Pvrx, An Artist from Toronto

Pvrx, An Artist from Toronto

One of the most beautiful features of hip-hop music is its ability to lend a voice to great storytellers. From Nas, Slick Rick to K-Dot and Freddie Gibbs, the tales from these talents are brutally real and emotionally deep. But a new generation is finding its way into that world, and one at the front of this style would be Toronto’s own Pvrx.

Pvrx, born Daniel Dove, has created dozens of songs that hold narrative’s from his youth. Growing up in the Rexdale neighborhood of Toronto, Pvrx had to contend with all the trials that come with living in the housing projects of a major city. He was the youngest of three siblings to a Jamaican mother, who was the one that first exposed him to music. Constantly listening to dancehall throughout the home, this is where Pvrx’s early influences came from. Though as he grew older, more hip-hop artists entered his world. Rappers like The Lox, Jay-Z, Eminem, and 50 Cent would all affect Pvrx massively as he came up.

Due to the nature of his circumstances, Pvrx was surrounded by gang violence and poverty. Within this, he began to sell drugs as a means of funding his lifestyle. When he was 15 years old, Pvrx was arrested for this crime and sentenced to time in a juvenile detention center. It was here he began to seriously make music, as a way of coping with his harsh reality.


Early Tapes and Major Placements

Subsequently picking the alias of Onsight Rx, Pvrx began to release freestyles alongside other Rexdale artists. Finally dropping a mixtape, a collaborative project with Moula 1st called “2 Hot 2 Handle” dropped in 2012. But after the drop of this tape, Pvrx ended up taking a three year hiatus from music.

Finally in 2016, his probation officer at the time suggested that he take part in the Remix Project. This was a program designed to help youth develop their skills creatively. Through this program, Pvrx found himself connected with the music supervisor for HBO. This resulted in a major placement on the TV series “Ballers”. This placement garnered him the attention from Paul Rosenburg, CEO of Def Jam, who gave Pvrx his first major signing.

His first EP by the artist, “3.14”, found its way to release in July of 2019. The seven track project has the rapper’s melodic sense and storytelling on full display. Altogether, the project featured dozens of artists from throughout his career, including Moula 1st. As of 2022, Pvrx dropped his second extended play “Sounds Like Me”. It’s further evidence Pvrx is only growing in his abilities as both a rhymer and songwriter.

Already dropping fresh heaters in 2023, Pvrx is clearly only moving up from his already amazing progress. Instagram is the best place to see when his latest projects are coming through. One of the major narrative rappers coming up in the scene, Pvrx is truly on his way to being one of the greats.