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Thoro Bread – FRIENDS 2 FOES

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Thoro Bread – Friends 2 Foes

On 26. 11. 2021. A fresh video by Thoro Bread came out. 

“Friends 2 Foes” is available for watching on Thorobread YouTube channel.

Thoro Bread is coming from Finch West, Toronto. 

The rapper has been active on the scene for more than ten years.

His debut EP, “Trust Is a Luxury,” was released in 2018 

However, it’s been a while since he dropped fresh stuff.

When we saw he released “Friends 2 Foes”, we were very curious to hear what he was working on lately.

Let’s dig into the new release and see what he’s been up to.

The video starts with a quote emerging on the screen:

“They wanna celebrate my death,

so friends turn to foes,

From the concrete I rose,

still celebrating life.”

It’s an introduction to the rapper’s story that he develops through the track.

He is casually eating a luxurious dinner with his family, telling us the story about his reality.

Speaking about earning money, keeping family safe, and fighting for prestige.

The rapper’s flow of words and chilled voice brings the energy of classic old-school rap.

The background sample fits the style too.

The song is casual, with smooth verses and a strong message.

Thoro Bread is back with the same confidence and high production standards, with a clear intention to succeed. 

We will keep a close eye on his future steps and eagerly wait for his next releases.

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For all updates about the rapper’s new work, follow his Instagram page: @thorobreadofficial

Quotable lyrics:

“Ain’t no love here 

run out quick

cause they just cound’t wait to

throw that knife up in my back.”