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Pressa, Toronto Rapper, Age, Real Name, Height & Bio

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Nickname: Pressa

Real Name: Quinton Armani Gardner

Place of Birth: Toronto

Instagram: @pressa.armani

Pressa, An Artist from Toronto

Toronto is a city rife with talented lyricists, and it seems like every day brings a new voice to the hip-hop world. One such voice who has been steadily building his following over the past few years is none-other than Young and Finch’s own Pressa. With an irreplicable style and flow, Pressa has been elevating the sound from the streets of the 6ix to new heights. Each new release pushing his artistry to higher levels, which is why he’s in our spotlight today

Pressa was born as Quinton Armani Gardner to a Filipino mother and Jamaican father. He was only five years old when his father was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. This left his mother, himself and older brother to form their family unit. Altogether the three lived in the Driftwood district of Toronto, an area that holds a dark reputation within the city. Due to the danger of the neighborhood, residents are stigmatized and forced to be an insular community. But it was within this community that Pressa made his home and lived his life.

During his adolescence, Pressa felt the pain of losing one of his closest friends. The trial of this event shifted the artist’s perspective, developing a violent reputation as well as beginning to hustle bricks in the streets. In this period, he found himself risking his life for the littlest things, just to try and get a small piece of something bigger. His brother’s incarceration, as well as the death of his best friend, pushed him to try and work toward something better. That was when he first picked up the mic.


Novacane and Breaking Out

Growing up, Pressa would listen to the likes of Meek Mill, Bob Marly, and 2Pac. These artists would form the backbone of his musical style, and continue to influence his work to this day. His breakout moment came with the drop of “Novacane”, a cruising trap record created in collaboration with super-producer Murda Beatz. The song currently sits at over 2.7 million views on YouTube, thoroughly putting the young artist on the map.

Following “Novacane”, Pressa continued to elevate in music and stay on his grind. 2017 had the artist joining Drake for the “Boy Meets World” tour, despite being on bail for kidnapping allegations. He also dropped a single that year with another Canadian legend: Tory Lanez. “Canada Goose” holds over 26 million views on YouTube. He followed this up with incredible full-length projects including 2019’s “Prestige”, and 2021’s “Gardner Express”. Each album takes on its own sound and style, with Pressa never seeming to hit quite the same beat or flow from track to track.

Collaborating with massive names such as Lil Uzi Ver, Pressa continues to make big waves within the industry. If you want to stay locked in to the artist’s future, check out his Instagram. Pressa is a maverick talent from Canada, and sure to only continue to grow in the future.