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Riko Rose – Whistle

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Riko Rose drops out a new visual for a song Whistle

Riko Rose made a great song “Whistle” that delighted the audience precisely because of the recognizable sound we can hear at the beginning of the song. The premiere of the visual for the song Whistle was in September 2021, and during this time, the song was viewed by almost 3 million people. The audience is delighted with her idea for this sound, which are the comments we can read the most. The visual is on Riko Rose’s official YouTube channel.

In addition to the fanatical visual presentation, Riko Rose created exciting content. Namely, in the first bars, we can recognize the song’s melody; it is the song Whistle by Flo Rida, which came out ten years ago. This already familiar whistling melody served as excellent material and a melody that would spin throughout the song. With this sound, Riko Rose gave his stamp and brought a new text in his recognizable style. With many good chicks and a strong beat, Riko’s song Whistle has a new dimension.

We can safely say that the rapper moved the boundaries and made a creative remix version of a long-time hit he covered in his way. The Whistle melody we recognize is much faster and more mobile in Riko’s version, so it fits perfectly with his energy and the rhymes he fires.

I shoot the video as a black-white visual with lots of great details. This visual is credited to Killahvisuals, who directed the video. With his team, with whom the rapper gathered, he raps in a dark environment and flaunts his money while telling his story. Some of his team members wear masks over their faces, making these visuals more engaging.

This new version of the song Whistle delighted the audience, which we can also notice on other platforms. With this great sound, there are already over 60,000 video content on TikTok.

The song Whistle is one of the most played songs on Spotify, where it has over 8 million streams. In addition, the rapper’s music on this platform is listened to by over 200 thousand monthly listeners, which is an excellent success for someone who recently introduced himself to the audience.

This remix is ​​the first song with which Rico introduced himself to the public on his official YouTube channel, which brought him great success. In addition to this song, this creative artist has made three more single songs so far. In addition to Whistle, the song Go Girl also became very popular. The latest song released by Riko Rose is Knock Knock which premiered ten days ago and is getting more views every day. We hope that the artist will soon announce some collaboration with some of his colleagues.

Click on the link below and watch the visual for the remix version of Whistle. Then, write how you like Rico’s version of this song in the comments.

Read part of the lyrics below:

Niggas weird, I don’t fuck with the shady
You ain’t got it, nigga, don’t trip
All the opps be wearing bad fits
They ain’t taking trips, they just taking flight