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Pj Glizzy – Muddy

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Pj Glizzy releases a new visual for a song Muddy

Pj Glizzy did a great thing with Muddy. The premiere of the visual for this song was on January 25, 2022, and during this time, the visual was viewed by almost a million people. Pj Glizzy delighted his audience due to his recognizable melody and excellent remix. The official video is on Pj Glizzy’s official YouTube channel.

Pj Glizzy refreshed an old recognizable sound he used for his new project. He took over a well-known melody from the song Calabria and brought it his way, with which he fitted the lyrics especially. With a soft club sound, Pj Glizzy wrote a completely different text and brought his strong sound. When you play the song, you will immediately react to the familiar melody that you can recognize in the first bars of the song.

He’s raspy deep voice brings a strong and boisterous energy to this song. In addition, the rapid-fire rhymes and fast tempo add a new dimension to this song. We can safely say that the rapper made one banger with this remix. And if the original version of the melody is slower, Pj Glizzy made a stronger sound.

The video also delighted the audience because the scenes change very quickly following the whole song and the energy that reigns. This video has a lot of excellent graphic elements that make this visual very high quality and rich in content. The rapper and his team jumped and danced to this famous sound.

Pj Glizzy introduced himself to the audience when he released the visual for the song O’z Way Or No Way on his official YouTube channel a year ago. Despite his successful projects, the remix version of the song Muddy is one of his most listened to songs. In recent months, the rapper worked hard on his music and delighted the audience with new collaborations.

In cooperation with Wockhardt, he made a visual for the song Gambling. Immediately after this song came another collaboration with Sha Ek and a new visual for the song OGE PT.2. This song was particularly liked by the audience, so this visual has been viewed by over 300,000 people so far.

This young rapper attracted special public attention when the news that Pj Glizzy was arrested for murder appeared in the media at the beginning of the year. This news caused a lot of attention in the media, but also a lot of reactions from his fans. The rapper’s fans stated that this is fake news that his family has not confirmed and that such a thing is not close to this artist.

If you haven’t seen the video for Muddy, click on the link below. Please write in the comments how you like Pj Glizzy’s version of the song and what is your favorite song of his.

Read part of the Muddy lyrics below:

When we catch us a Flocka, it’s up (It’s up)
Roscoe, my brother fiending just to up (Boom, boom)
African boy that’s me that’s who (That’s who)
We gon’ hop out booming at his crew (Boom, boom)