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Hoodbaby Peppa – Prescriptions

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Up-and-coming Toronto rapper Hoodbaby Peppa has dropped their latest single “Prescriptions”. This is the Canadian rapper’s second single of 2022, but the young artist has been prolific in their output over the past few years. 

The Jane and Finch born artist started releasing music in 2019 with their soundcloud exclusive single “Finch”, the trap banger accumulating over a half million listens on the site. Since then, Hoodbaby Peppa has been consistently releasing track after track culminating in their 2021 debut LP “LA MADE A VIBE”. This full length also features prominently fellow member of the hoodbaby collective, Hoodbaby Rahrah. Following this, the rapper released a three track EP shortly after and has put out several more singles leading up to “Prescriptions” 

Hoodbaby Peppa Prescriptions

Hoodbaby Peppa – Prescriptions

Hoodbaby Peppa’s infectious melodic style has been propelling his popularity in the Toronto rap scene, with his youtube channel featuring over a dozen high-quality music videos for his many songs. Simultaneously he has been releasing Vlogs, showcasing both his time in the studio as well as his love for paintball. Clearly this artist’s wit, talent, and flows are something to keep an eye on. 

This sick new track will send you to the pharmacy 

Prescription features co-production from both Prod by JB and Kutoff. The song begins with an immediately catchy piano lick that dissolves into a smooth and deep reese bass once Peppa begins rapping. After this dramatic start, the 808 comes in and Peppa gives us our first dose of the hook featuring raunchy bars such as “I sip PMS or PDP codeine its in my cup”. His crude but undeniable sense of humor litters the whole track, with other rapid fire lines like “Looking at my followers I wish I had this many guns” and “I’m lactose but I need a mil in cheese”. 

The music video for prescription has a distinctly Canadian feel, with the majority taking place inside a PharmaChoice. While Hoodbaby Peppa stands in line and fills a prescription, shots are interspersed with him performing in a white coat surrounded by medications. As the pharmacist who served him goes on break, Peppa takes him at gunpoint back into the pharmacy and chains him to a metal pipe deep in the basement. Stealing their uniform, Peppa uses his new identity to indulge in codeine (poured into Hoodbaby branded styrofoam cups no less). Following a “later that day” transition, we see Peppa partying throughout the city with his friends. Drinking from red solo cups and smoking joints, the video ending with drone shots of the area south of Jane. 

Both the song and video for Prescriptions create an extremely entertaining combination. With no sign of slowing down, we look forward to the next drop from Hoodbaby Peppa. Indeed, with his high musical output it cannot be far off. If you want to tap in with Peppa, you can check him out on Instagram where he frequently posts candid shots and behind the scenes footage from his music videos.