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ShoeBox Baby – Head 2 Toes

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Watch ShoeBox Baby’s video for the song Head 2 Toes

An interesting and authentic rapper, ShoeBox Baby, released a visual for his song Head 2 Toes just a month ago. At high speed, the song picked up many positive comments but reached over 230 thousand views and over 8 thousand likes. The rapper posted the song on his official YouTube channel.

The video was directed by Kevin Mares and edited by Dogfood media. ShoeBox Baby gathered his team with whom he enjoyed the environment of attractive girls. The girls’ dance followed his rap style.

In the beginning, visual ShoeBox Baby wrote: Any props used in this video resembling any illegal material are mery props and should not be taken seriously. With this sentence, the rapper distanced himself from the use of illegal materials that he used in his video and, in that way, indicated that he would not promote material that was outside the law. In the rapper’s video, all the scenes where the weapon appears have a blurred image of the weapon.

He recorded the video in several interesting places, with an energetic team that followed the beats of his song and played with him. The shots are especially interesting when he gathers with his masked team in one apartment and makes plans for the attack. ShoeBox Baby also highlights the fire energy of the frame where the rapper wears an orange mask over his face, where the effects of the fire enhance his energy and the dynamics of the video itself.

It is very interesting that in his videos, we notice that no weapon is used, and in case it is used as video material, as is the case with the song Head 2 Toes, he emphasizes that it is not legal.

In one of the podcasts he talks about the different styles of rap we’ve been able to listen to over the past couple of years. At the same time, the rapper explained which rap patterns he uses and what best matches his style.

This respectful young man with a bright future has been working hard on his projects recently and releases new songs often. Five months ago, when he released a visual for the song 4KTroll, he set the internet on fire, and this banger became a big hit with over a million views.

In May, he posted video songs on his Instagram profile and invited followers to watch and support his project. ShoeBox Baby also publishes new songs and projects of its dear rapper friends on its profile and promotes the rap scene. With the rapper on the profiles, you can be informed when and where he performs and where you can hear his songs and buy tickets for the festival and upcoming concerts.

If you haven’t seen the song, now is the right time to click on the link below, look at the visual for the song Head 2 Toes and write what you like best. Support this rising star on the rap music scene by subscribing to his official YouTube channel and following all the new projects on the horizon.