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JMB Juvie – Wicked

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JMB Juvie finally drops out a visual for his masterpiece – Wicked 

The year behind us was marked by the hit song Wicked by JMB Juvie. Visual for this song was released in the fall of 2021 and is available on JMB Juvie’s official YouTube channel. In the ten months since the song was released, 3.5 million people have watched it and made it one of the most listened to songs in the past, but also this year.

The video is directed by Krispy Kam, who did a phenomenal visual and helped bring this JMB Juvie’s emotion to life. The video was shot in several locations where the rapper is in the foreground and this phenomenal text. With interesting effects and good sound quality, this visual was rated as one of the rapper’s best.

The inspiration for this amazing song started when JMB Juvie recorded a capella recording in the prison, which became very audible. After his release from prison, this acoustic version got a studio sound and visual, so the audience today enjoys watching this rapper’s story.

The song is called Wicked because it was written when the rapper was in prison and represented the story, feelings, and struggle he is going through.

The emotional and inspired text easily reached the audience, giving it maximum support and sending many positive comments.

JMB Juvie’s drill emphasizes this strong emotion and is a great match with rhythm and tact. His voice blends with one energetic beat, and all his emotions can be recognized in his voice.

The fact that many interesting videos were created on TikTok with a capella version of the song Wicked speaks volumes about how much this song has become one anthem.

In the last few months, the rapper has worked intensively on his new projects and released his latest album. There are 8 tracks on this album, one recorded in collaboration with Big Yavo for the song KTA. The album is inspired by his stay in prison and is symbolically called From The Cage To The Stage. This album is his way to celebrate his victory and achievements and show his vision for the successes to come.

This story’s intenseness speaks in favor of the fact that these days the rapper’s audience is because the sequel to the story Wicked can be seen in his new project called Wicked 2.

JMB Juvie shared this good news on his Instagram profile when the song came out and thanked them for a large number of views that the visual received in just 24 hours.

The link below is a visual for the song Wicked, and we suggest you look at this unusual story that has gone from great popularity to prison.

Read part of the lyrics of the song Wicked below:

Sabree did me dirty, but she end up keeping it real
Lil’ Juvie did that time, he got out and coppеd him a deal
The judge gavе me that time, but I swear you were not ahead
I heard them boys, they sliming, I’m wanting to catch you slipping