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Big Scarr – Yeah Woah ft. Gucci Mane

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Big Scarr feat. Gucci Mane drops out new visual for Yeah Woah

The two talented rappers collaborated and, in June 2022, released a visual for their new song, Yeah Woah. The song is on the official YouTube channel Big Scarr and has already garnered over half a million views.

The video is characterized by simplicity of style and richness of lyrics. The rappers recorded the visual and put themselves in the foreground, focusing on ejecting the text in an energetic rhythm. Yeah Woah is a song with a brutally good beat and an emphasis on great lyrics.

The evolution of Gucci Mane’s flow and lyrical ability is quite remarkable. He’s stepped it up on all levels. His dedication to music, fashion, and dance are eminent. The rappers enjoyed doing this music project, and the audience felt it.

They worked on the video in several locations, and in each of them, the rappers are in focus with interesting skull effects in the background on the projector. This skull symbol pointed to the cover photo from his last album, which he released 4 months ago.

On Big Scarr’s latest album, the song Fantasy feat. Offset has over 2.2 million views.

The lyrics of the song Yeah Woah are very easy to remember, and you start a great rhythm; after the first listening, you will already remember the refrain in repeating the verses Yeah, Woah Yeah, Woah.

The song Yeah Woah is part of Gucci Mane’s big music project, So Icy Gang The ReUpThe New 1017. His new album features 13 fantastic songs and several songs in collaboration with the biggest names of the rap music scene like Yung Miami, Lil Durk, Hotboy, etc.

The rappers are not only maximally engaged in creating and recording new music material, but they are also active and performing at big concerts.

The audience is especially looking forward to the Big Scarr performing at the big Rolling Loud festival held on September 23-25 ​​in New York. At this festival, we can hear the biggest names in the music scene. The rapper announced the schedule of performances at the festival and emphasized that he would perform on the last day of the festival.

Big Scarr often shares content and informative content related to his music on his profile, so if you want to see where he will perform in the nard period, then follow his Instagram profile, which has over 800 followers.

Take a few minutes, click the link below and enjoy the song Yeah Woah. You can also listen to Big Scarr’s music on his official YouTube channel and enjoy his latest album.

Read part of Big Scarr and Gucci Mane’s latest hit below:

No, ain’t no cuffin’ these bitches, no lovin’ these hoes, I tell ’em, “Just get up and go”

We poppin’ bottles and keep throwin’ dollars, my section too lit, tell ’em, “Bring in some more”
Got your bitch shakin’ ass in the circle, like, “Woah”
I make the ho get this shit off the floor
Now the whole gang goin’ up like