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SoFaygo – Knock Knock

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SoFaygo drops out a visual for a song Knock Knock

SoFaygo set the Internet on fire with his song Knock Knock. In May 2021, the song’s visual premiered, receiving almost 50 million views in just over a year. Visual is on Lyrical Lemonade’s official YouTube channel. This song became a big hit and brought great popularity to this promising young artist.

Before the visual for the song Knock Knock was done in 2019, SoFaygo released an audio version that immediately became very popular. After 2 years in collaboration with Lil Tecca. This sound brought something completely new to the underground hip-hop music scene. Atlanta’s rapper exceeded all expectations with this song.

Cole Bennett, who directed the visual, together with SoFaygo, created a masterpiece. The rapper and Cole got the inspiration for this video from the 1988 movie Beetlejuice and created a modern version of the music video. We can safely say that this pendant is more than a music video – this is pure art.

The brutally good visuals when SoFaygo walks up the stairs and all the other effects make this video look like a movie with cartoon elements. A brutally good costume fits this story perfectly.

The music is light with a hip-hop rhythm and a light beat. The chords in the background follow the rhythm of his text.

SoFaygo pushed the boundaries and brought something authentic and innovative.


When he started working in a famous fast-food restaurant as a high school student, he realized that it was not for him and that music was his source. This is precisely the reason for the great motivation and effort, but also the results that the young rapper achieves every day with his creativity. Even if he is a young artist, SoFaygo has already formed a distinctive and authentic style that has brought him great fame.

The song Knock Knock caused numerous enthusiastic reactions on other platforms as well. 137.5 videos were created on TikTok for this period with this fantastic sound. On the Spotify platform, this song has almost 190 million streams, while SoFaygo’s music has more than 2 million monthly listeners. The live performance of this big hit also became a huge YouTube hit with almost 8 million views.

SoFaygo also achieved great success and millions of views with the visual for the song Off Of Map, which he released a year ago.

Click on the link below and enjoy the masterpiece – the visual for Knock Knock. Write in the comments how you like this visual display style and whether you listen to SoFaygo music.

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Read part of the text below:

Knock-knock, who’s there at the door right now?
Yeah, if you don’t open that ho, we gon’ kick it down
I had to grab my five, it’s time to step inside
When I came around that corner, that boy almost cried