“Slime” was released on 7.9.2021. and it already has around 50k views.

OKG managed to incorporate a guitar drift, which is typical Toronto style, and he has earned some love from the public.

With a new flow and some dope lyrics, the young rapper has decided to change his rap game.

What you will love about this song is how it sounds familiar, but it still has a unique print on it; if you are into real Toronto rap, don’t miss out on OKG.

Even the cover art for the single fits the vibe and shows how much Okg has grown as an artist.

The rapper has finally shown some teeth and has released something that pleases the public since the numbers are rising every day.

“Slime” has been on the  YouTube charts for weeks, a huge success for the still unknown rapper.

Despite his consistency, it has been hard for an unknown rapper to blow up, but OKG Delo has pretty good chances with “ Slime”,

People will start noticing him real soon if he continues to drop songs with interesting flows and top-notch lyrics.

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Quotable lyrics:

“ You still mad at me because my head is not there,

not there, had to drop out of you, not there,

pull up on your block you not there,

put a switch on a block it’s not fair”.