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SupaWassi – MILLY

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On 19.10.2021. SupaWassi published a brand new music video for “Milly” on Burna Bandz YouTube channel.

SupaWassi has finally started to take his music seriously, and after a collaboration with J Neat and Bundog, he has released a new track.

“Milly” is a track that you could listen to for days, it has a dope beat, and SupaWassi drops straightforward bars.

One of the dopest lines on the song is: “I been in the trap, I be selling dog food like a poodle.”

“Milly” is a fun song with good visuals and solid play on word bars, and that is all you need.

SupaWassi usually starts the track off aggressively, and he raps fast, but this track is more chill than his usual vibe.

The Toronto rapper is known for collaborating with other artists such as J Neat, and their song “Hood Baby” is one of the dopest tracks out there.

In May 2020, they even did a joint EP called “SuppaNeat,” which was a big step for their careers.

Since “Milly” is a single that is very different from his previous work, maybe SupaWassi is starting a brand new era in his career.

A solo EP and consistency with his music are what fans want most from him, and maybe he has finally decided to do that.

Is Supawassi spending time in the studio and creating something different?

We don’t know, but hopefully, he will announce something soon.

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Quotable lyrics:

“These niggaz taping on computers,

they ain’t never coming to you,

my nigazz ducking prosecuters,

he look twice we will probably shoot him.”