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Roney – Hurt ft. 6Persia

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On 22.10.2021. Roney dropped a collaboration with 6Persia off his new album.

The music video, which is on Roney’s YouTube, has around 9K views so far.

They released a straight banger, bringing a whole new vibe to the Toronto rap stage.

The visuals and the track is fire, and we can tell how much effort they put into this song.

Roney has been grinding this year, and we are rocking with the tracks off his new album especially Hurt.

We love Roney’s music because it is relatable, and you could listen to it for days, even though he has changed the style of his beats.

His beats remind us of pop songs now, but we love how Roney is experimenting with his music straight on.

6 Persia comes in strong in the song, with a wavy flow, proving again that he is one of the most underrated rappers in the city.


Roney’s new album “P.A.I.N.” has 17 songs on it, and it dropped recently;he has only two features on it, and every song on the album is incredible.

Each song has its own vibe, but the collaboration with 6 Persia stands out.

Don’t forget to check out the whole album if you like Roney’s work.

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Check out Roney’s new song “Hurt” ft 6 Persia above on this page.

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Quotable lyrics:

“Block got deep and the ops got nervous

Cops got weak so they all start shooting

Block got heat so we all start moving

Pain in blood spill it in cups

I don’t gotta tell him go get it he done

I don’t gotta tell em go get him he done.”