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Rob49 – Undefeated

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NEW BANGER – Rob49 drops out new visual for Underfeated

A new song and video that Rob49 posted on his official YouTube channel are current these days. The video was viewed by almost 200,000 and liked by over 7,000 people in one week, which was a fantastic success.

This young rapper has been consistent with his style since 2020; when he started rap, he was only perfecting his style. As a result, his songs will tremble, and so far, he has shown that his quality and consistency have been recognized and rewarded by the audience, which is why his career is on the rise.

The video for the song Undefeated is one of the better-produced videos you can see. His deep voice also fits perfectly into his new song’s strong rhythm and beats.

In the video, we can see how the scenes from his energetic performances and concerts change with scenes he shot surrounded by the crew and scenes in the car. The accompanying lyrics of the song perfectly fit the video that easily follows this story. In this song and his other hits, the rapper gained the audience and their trust with his self-confidence.

His song Pent House is an anthem which won over the audience, and it is in this style that Rob49 is heading for further success.

The song is energetic and authentic, just like the video that boosts that energy even more.

 The audience had the opportunity to hear and love this song 2 months ago when this song was found on his new project. His latest album, which he released, has 10 new hits, and all the songs have been listened to. The first song on the album, also the most listened to, is Undefeated, which finally got visual.

All of Rob49’s performances are so powerful and intense, full of good vibes, and that’s best seen when the rapper posts recordings of his performances on his Instagram profile. The atmosphere he creates with his hits ignites his audience every time. Rob49 is very active on his Instagram official profile. In addition to performing, he is very happy to share interesting content with followers, such as videos from TikTok or videos of his daughter, who enjoys rap with his songs.

Check out the video below today, and comment on Rob49’s new song, Undefeated. It’s also a good suggestion to follow his official YouTube channel and keep an eye on which song from his latest album will get its visual.

Below, enjoy reading part of this hit and the summer anthem:

These pants cost me a bag I’m still gon’ sag em
Sag em like my momma I still be trappin’ like my daddy
Buy what she want I don’t give a fuck shit is automatic
Dog nigga smoking out that Bentley truck I’m lit but I don’t take it there

They goin feel the vibe when they hear this I talk that money talk
I’m dripped in some Mike Amiri denim like I’m workin’ there