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NoCap – Need Someone To Love

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NoCap releases a new official video for the song Need Someone To Love

The premiere of the official video for the song Need Someone To Love by NoCap was on August 16, 2022. Over a million people watched Prema on YouTube in a few days. This beautiful and relaxing sound completely delighted the audience. The visual is on No Cap’s official YouTube channel. We are sure that this song will become NoCap’s big hit.

With this visual, you will enjoy watching a night drive through the city. After this, you can also see the process of creating this song in the studio. The whole visual is in a night setting with many dimmed lights that fit perfectly with this love story lyrics. In addition, the rapper wanted to highlight some luxury details, such as an expensive watch standing on top of an electric guitar. The production highlighted some critical and exciting parts of the text by being written on the screen and alternating with the song’s rhythm.

Music is a pleasant and incredible sound which relaxes. This kind of sound suits this emotional text, which the audience likes. NoCap has a stunning and melodious voice, so in his performance of this song, the melody sounds even more beautiful. The song’s arrangement has elements of chill-out music so that you can relax as much as possible with the sound of this song.

While we wait for this excellent sound to appear on Spotify and TikTok, we can enjoy watching the reactions of YouTubers, who these days tirelessly record their reactions in as many numbers as possible. We can notice that everyone immediately reacted brilliantly to the song and this light sound. Almost all bloggers rated the song highly.

NoCap is a famous artist on the Spotify platform, boasting a massive following of over 1.1 million monthly listeners. His most played song on this platform is Ghetto Angels, with over 30 million streams.

This talented artist just 3 months ago released his big project, which contains 15 great tracks. The song that stood out from this album is No Hoock, for which the rapper made a visual right after the release of the whole album. The song No Hoock has over 6.2 million views on YouTube and over a million streams on Spotify.

And if this artist is followed on Instagram by over 2.3 million people, this wrapper does not publish posts on his profile. In his profile description, you can always find a link to the current song or project he has published. But this rapper communicates with his audience by regularly posting Story posts on his profile. If you are interested in what exciting things this artist posts with Story, follow his Instagram profile.

See the visual on this page. Please let us know how you like the new song and if you’ve listened to NoCap’s new album in the comments.

Read part of the lyrics below:

These Percocets like Steroids, they got me stayin’ strong
And, I been rockin’ Palm Angels because I’m hands-on
Speezy with me, we reminiscin’ through jail calls
Shot the dice and come up, that’s the same thing caused the fеll off