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 “VIOLENCE” is Out. Watch new video from Sha Gz

Something completely new refreshed the music scene and brought a lot of other comments. About 7 days ago, this promising young artist published a new video. The song is called VIOLENCE. The song is on his official YouTube channel of the Sha Gz. In just a few days, there have been almost 100,000 views and several thousand likes in public.

Due to such a good passing of this song, we expect that it will listen to a lot in a short time and that the audience will understand its message.

In the hard story of violence and murder that Sha Gz tells us, his voice colour covers this text seriously. His incredible voice colour, which is hard to forget, has contributed to the song in many ways. In the song’s title, it is clear there will be a dark story from which the public can extract a message. If you like this type of song, then this is a song you will enjoy and listen to with a lot of attention.

Sha Gz shot this video surrounded by his team. The interesting thing is that Sha Gz was dancing almost the whole video. The audience commented that his energy was something that gave this song a different meaning.

The young rapper completely delighted the audience with his song Rosa, which he released only 3 months ago. This song brought him popularity. The piece was extremely placed on the platforms and has achieved a score of over a million views.

In addition to this song, Sha Gz likes to collaborate and make good combinations with other rappers, so he recorded the song Get Crazy with Mat Mdub.

Since the song came out on YouTube, there have been video reactions to the song Violence, there are various comments for the song, but they have all connected well with Sha Gz’s energy and heavy music.

The song was excellently placed on the social network TikTok. If you take a closer look at this platform, you can see that a large number of new videos are just a part of the official video that Sha Gz released.

As much as you haven’t had a chance, now is the right time to take a few minutes of your time and watch this video for the song Violence. In the last few months, he has been active in creating and publishing his new music content. If you like him, I want to be among the first to be informed about Sha Gz’s new songs, then subscribe to his official YouTube channel.

While we are waiting for something new and interesting from this young talented rapper, I suggest you read a part of the text for his latest song, Violence.

They be like, “Quan, you always on what”, like
You and your brother got shot
Everything dead, gotta stay wit’ my knock
They like, “Sha, you on hots”
Rippy got shot in his chest then he dropped