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Upperclass Murdock- No Closure

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Upper class Murdock dropped the music video for “ No Closure” on his YouTube channel on 3.1.2022.

The rapper remixed Kodak Black’s famous hit “ Closure” and dedicated the track to his close friend who recently passed away.

Just days before Christmas, Murdock got the bad news and went to the studio to give us a piece of his soul. The lyrics are so well thought out, and we love when rappers speak some facts on the track.

Upper class Murdock really stepped up his lyrical game, and he has been giving us some real bars. Trigga has been very close to him, and we can feel that in this song, he even got a tattoo of his name, which we see in the video.

Murdock’s new song just hits differently, and if you are ready to take a break from the usual tracks, then you should check it out. He even shot a short music video on Tick Tock with this track, and he is the first one to do it.

Murdock is planning to go hard this year; he promised to drop new music every month. We are looking forward to hearing what this rapper has in store for us.

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Check out the music video for “ No Closure” by Upper Class Murdock above on this page.

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Quotable lyrics:

“After dawn, when 

I am sending you this message,

God bring you by my side, to give

me my protection, Lord, if I ever hate you

don’t even have to question, when we fell

apart, I had you out here guessing.”