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Franchize – BRB

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Franchize Arrives with “BRB”

Scarborough artist Franchize is at it again in the rap game with the drop of “BRB”, a smooth mid tempo hip-hop track with mixtures of afrobeat and R&B. Clearly Franchize is in his element with this song, letting his flows move with grace and confidence over the pumping kick. A fresh new release, listen to “BRB” right now and experience this sensational artist.

Born in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Scarborough, Galloway, the pain of growing up in such a world is completely poured into each bar that Franchize crafts in his music. Beginning to release tracks on SoundCloud as far back as 8 years ago, Franchize has let his career grow organically through consistency and hard work. Through his dedication, Franchize has taken tracks into the tens of thousands of streams on music services. His most popular song, “How Can I Lose”, currently sits at a massive 35,000 listens on Spotify. Deft with the pen and songwriting ability to spare, Franchize is turning into a hitter in the Toronto scene.

His first 8-track project on streaming services just released this year. “Winter Baby”, appropriately dropping this past January, proved to be one of his most successful works to date. This rapper shows no signs of stopping the flow of music, “BRB” being another great dive into the rap world.

Franchize BRB

Franchize – BRB

Putting in this Work

Opening guitar strums set the mood for this flavourful song, with classic afrobeat percussion pattern launching Franchize’s fire bars. “Its not you it be me, you don’t need to get offended if I really want to leave” is a great example of the types of rhymes this artists hits. Throughout the track there is a great mixture of earnest expression of feeling with a more lighthearted approach to life, this combination creating the unique vibe that permeates the record. As the hook comes around each time with “I’ll Be Right Back”, you’ll find yourself already knowing the words and singing along. Another big W for this Scarborough champion.

M.ikita‘s direction in this video comes with a great combination of visual hip-hop standards with original and progressive choices. Opening up with Franchize leaning against a Jeep and two motorcycles, the performance he delivers feels like just the right combination of laid back and danceable energy. While Franchize and his crew party, a woman waits alone in her underwear asking where the artist could be. For the first part of the video, the two are separated. But as the song hits its final refrain, the two come together in her apartment with a bottle of liquor. Expert contrast between the neon-pink apartment and golden hour parking lot make for an incredible experience throughout.

Check out Franchize on Instagram, where his constant music drops are always promoted and candid footage of his video shoots can be found on his stories. “BRB” is out now on all platforms, make sure you have a listen!