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Introduction To Toronto Rapper 3MFrench



“I want to make sure everybody eats. When we do well, we go back to our neighbourhoods and help out there too. It all goes around. There’s enough room for everybody.” – 3MFrench

Growing up in the Chester Le neighbourhood of Scarborough, has made 3MFrench wise beyond his years. Doing what he had to do to help his family and friends get to where they are now will do that to a person. The entirety of French’s approach can be traced back to a single philosophy: “Everyone having a seat at the table”.

Being a rapper was not originally in the plans growing up for 3MFrench. However, being able to deliver rhymes at the drop of a beat and flow over various production stylings made him switch course and dedicate himself to music.

With a history of releasing hard-hitting street anthems that give listeners a glimpse into his life, his most recent album Making Money Moves, has been more personal with him opening up and letting us in even more. He has stayed true to himself, but also raps about trials and tribulations, not only his own, but those of the people around him as well.

Songs like “Good Life”, “Costco”, “Fly Away”, “Understand Me”, “Apart Of Me”, and “For Life” featuring Bvlly, are some of 3MFrench’s most notable to date.

French has proved that he can rhyme meaningful content over quality production, which is more than can be said for most artists today. He’s proven as much by performing alongside notable international recording artists such as Tyga, Cardi B, Snoop Dogg, and the late Juice WRLD at the Metro Metro Festival.

With over 128,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone and growing, 3MFrench’s hard work is starting to pay off with his songs beginning to be enjoyed by millions all across the world.